Pasta Christmas Tree Ornaments | Vintage inspired Craft Tutorial

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Since i re-posted the Vintage inspired Pasta Tree Tutorial from my old blog the other day, i was thinking i might as well share the Vintage inspired Pasta Christmas Ornaments here too. They sort of belong together.
Mod and Mint: Easy Craft Tutorial - Christmas bird ornaments

Looking for some small paint brushes, i came across a few small foam styrofoam wreaths in my craft supply stash. Perfect to make a variation on the vintage inspired pasta Christmas trees i made before! I abandoned my search for the brushes, and started digging further to find some small figures to place in the middle of the wreaths. Vintage mini birds! And i knew i had a little bit of red and white bakers twine somewhere. That would work to get them hanging.

A little paint, glue and time later and all done, ready to go up in the Christmas tree!

To make these pasta Christmas ornaments, just follow the tutorial for the Christmas trees, but start out with the wreaths as the base instead of the cones. Finish them by gluing the bakers twine (or other string) in a loop at the back, and attach the birds (or other miniature) in the middle with some more PVA glue.

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