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Hi there,

I’m Deborah Green, I blog here at Mod and Mint.

As a blogger since the early 2000’s, professional crafter, and a huge plant lover, I created Mod and Mint as a place for those with their own indoor jungle, and those just starting out with their first houseplants. I like to share information in an easy to understand way and help you learn how to care for your houseplants.

Let’s talk Plants!

Deborah Green | Mod and Mint

Nice to meet you!

Born and raised in Amsterdam in the mid-1970s. A mix of a creative Indonesian mother, and a more analytical Dutch father.
My childhood home was a true 70’s delight. There were lots of plants, hello Monstera, have you met Spider Plant? There were brown and orange colors, cork on the walls, Pyrex in the oven, and a wicker peacock chair to sit in. Boho to the Max. I grew up with my mom always behind the sewing machine, the humming sound became the soundtrack of my childhood.

I wrote and crafted my way through college. Always behind my own sewing machine in between classes, and writing for nationwide music magazines as a side hustle. What’s up 90s hiphop?

I was a content creator in the internet industry during the time of the boom. Or the bubble if you will. It was a time of exploration and fun. Anything was possible and worth a try. I started my first online shop and blog nearly 20 years ago. People still needed to be educated about online shopping, but for me it became my first online business.

In 2007 I moved to New York. It was there where I started creating full time. I sewed, but also explored crafts like embroidery, needle felting, resin casting, and plaster sculpting. I wrote two craft books, 100 Applique Motifs, and Your Sharpie Style which has been released by William Morrow Harper Collins.

After almost a decade in New York, I recently returned to the Netherlands, with my husband, toddler son, and cat.

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