Pasta Christmas Trees | Vintage inspired Craft Tutorial

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This vintage inspired craft makes it super easy to create a handmade Christmas tree for your holiday home decor. You only need a few materials, and a little time.

Vintage inspired Craft Tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees by Mod and Mint

You will need the following materials:
Styrofoam Cones
– White PVA craft glue
– Various shapes and sizes of dried pasta
– (Spray) Paint in color of choice

Mod and Mint: Handmade vintage inspired craft tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees

How to make the pasta Christmas tree:
1. If you use spray paint, skip this step and move on to step 2.
If you use craft paint applied with a brush, start by painting the cone in the color you want your tree to be. Let dry.

2. Apply glue to pasta pieces and place on cone in desired design. Push a little and hold in place for a short time until the pieces stick.
No worries if you see small bits of glue in between the pasta at this point.
Continue until cone is covered.
Let the glue dry completely.

Mod and Mint: Handmade vintage inspired craft tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees


3. For the trees in these pictures i used regular acrylic craft paint applied with a small brush. If brushing the paint on, make sure to get in between all the nooks and crannies, so no pasta color is showing. Double coat is advisable.
To save time, you can also choose to spray paint the trees.

Storage tip: When storing the Pasta Christmas trees, place them in a plastic bag. If a piece of pasta does happen to fall off in between Christmas seasons, you will be able to easily find it and glue it back on.

If you paint these in white, they almost look like porcelain trees. Pasta Porcelain!

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