Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knits

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knit Outfits
My mom taught me how to knit when I was a little girl. Just a few basic stitches. I could make a scarf, and i think i once made a basic dress for one of my dolls. But that is over 30 years ago. I do know how to crochet and made many crocheted items in the past number of years. When i look at these knit fashion photos from the sixties, i think i should really dust off those knitting needles and get my skill up.

The orange dress above features one long cable running down each side from neckline to hemline, front and back, for a long casual sweater look. Yes please!

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knit Outfits
Or this long coat made of mohair and tweed yarn combined. Casual loose line, decorated solely with a large ribbed collar. Elegantly matched with gray gloves and satin scarf. I say, perfect now that the weather is turning a bit colder!
And the shirt suit on the right is very Mad Men as well. A hip length jacket with a shirt collar, knit in a novelty ribbed stitch. Buttoned cuffs and slits at the sides.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knit Outfits
How comfy is this gorgeous wool tweed coat with matching scarf for upcoming wintry days. Patch pockets, three-quarter sleeves and leather buttons.
Or what about a sweater dress of mohair in wonderful fall colors? Made exactly like a sweater even to the ribbed cuffs, neckline and hem and the grosgrain ribbon binding down the front.

On another note, when did we ladies stop wearing those wonderful hats?

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