DIY Glitter Drip Pumpkins

glitter mini pumpkin diy

  I love Pumpkins. In the soup, in a pie. Oh how wonderful pumpkins are. Besides that, it doesn’t hurt that they are great to use as fall decorations around your home.  And another bonus, you can DIY with pumpkins! Obviously, you can carve your pumpkins, but let me say one word: Glitter. Let’s play […]

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5 Amazing Monochromatic Vintage Interiors

Home decorating in the 1970’s was all about using color. And if you went for it, you went for it. Crazy or Amazing. You be the judge. Brush-On Paint Design in Yellow. Forget about decorating with wallpaper, pictures and mirrors. Open your eyes – and your mind – to painted wall designs, as designer Lawrence […]

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