DIY Glitter Drip Pumpkins

glitter mini pumpkin diy

  I love Pumpkins. In the soup, in a pie. Oh how wonderful pumpkins are. Besides that, it doesn’t hurt that they are great to use as fall decorations around your home.  And another bonus, you can DIY with pumpkins! Obviously, you can carve your pumpkins, but let me say one word: Glitter. Let’s play […]

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DIY Decoupage Easter Egg Craft Tutorial

decoupage easter egg crafts

The days are finally getting a little longer, and spring will be here soon. To get in the mood, I’m getting my Easter crafts done. I’m going to show you how to make these pretty decorated Easter eggs. It’s easy and fairly quick. And you don’t need many materials. Let’s be fancy and call them […]

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Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knits

My mom taught me how to knit when I was a little girl. Just a few basic stitches. I could make a scarf, and i think i once made a basic dress for one of my dolls. But that is over 30 years ago. I do know how to crochet and made many crocheted items […]

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