Make New Plants with Water Propagation

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Did you know you can make more plants from the ones you already have? Rooting houseplants in water is the easiest way to propagate your plants.

New plants for free!

And you don’t need a green thumb!

Increase your plant collection and fill your home with your own water propagated plants. Or share your new plants with friends and family. They are perfect low cost, but thoughtful gifts. Especially for fellow plant lovers.

Propagation Station of Houseplant Cuttings Water Rooting in Small Glass Jars. How to Grow New Plants from Cuttings. Easy & Free!
Cuttings: Monstera adansonii, Spider Plant, String of Pearls, Tradescantia Zebrina, Stacked Crassula, Pilea Peperomioides, Fishbone Cactus

What is Plant Propagation?

Short and simple, plant propagation means taking a stem or a leaf from a plant and growing it into a new plant.

Plant propagation can be done in water, in soil or through the process of air layering.

Water propagation is the easiest and seeing the roots grow gives you a stunning view of nature doing its work.

Why Propagate your Plants?

Besides just because it is fun and exciting to grow your own houseplants from a single stem or leaf, there are more reasons to propagate your plants.

  1. Over time plants can grow too large and need to be pruned. Don’t toss those pruned pieces, propagate them.
  2. A plant that is a lost cause, might still be saved through propagation.
  3. Maybe a piece of your plant accidentally broke off. Let it root and plant it back in with the mother plant.
  4. DIY baby plants make great housewarming/hostess/friend gifts.
  5. Create family heirloom plants. Take a part of your favorite plant, propagate it and pass it on to the next generation.
  6. Having a propagation station in your home is a wonderful living home decor feature.

TIP! Plants can be propagated all year round, but spring and summer are ideal. The active growing season gives the best changes that the cutting will grow strong healthy roots.

Which Plants can be Propagated in Water?

If your plant is not on this list, I would say, just go ahead give it a try anyway. Many common houseplants grow roots when propagated in water. This is by all means not a complete list of all the plants that can be propagated in water.

Favorite Easy-To-Propagate Plants

What plants have you successfully propagated in water? Did it take long for roots to appear? Leave a comment down below!

Group of Houseplant Cuttings Water Rooting in Small Pastel Glass Jars. How to Water Propagate your Plants.

How To Water Propagate your Plants

Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: easy


  • room temperature water
  • small glass bottle or jar
  • pruning shears or scissors
  • plant cutting


  1. Start with a cutting that is at least three inches long with several sets of healthy leaves.
  2. Vining and trailing plants have root nodes just below each leaf. Cut right below such leaf node. This is where the new roots will grow.
  3. Fill your bottle with room temperature water and place your cutting in it while the cut you made is still fresh.
  4. Place the cutting in a window sill with plenty bright indirect sunlight.
  5. Now wait. Patience is a big part of propagation. New plants don't grow in a few days. Wait some more. Some plants like Tradescantias and Spider Plants root very quickly. Others can take a long time. So have patience. You might need to wait another week, don't give up, roots are growing.
  6. Don't forget to change the water ocassionally.
  7. Leave the cutting in the water until the roots are about 4-6 inches. Pot your cutting in a small pot with fresh soil and start regular care.


When you propagte succulents, you want the cutting to calus over before putting it in water.

Succulent Water Propagation

Most succulents can be propagated in water. You can grow roots from healthy single leaves or, if you have a stretched out succulent, you can take stem cuttings and root those.

Let the cuttings dry and callus over for a few days.

Fill a small bottle with a narrow neck with water and put the leaf or stem cutting in. If the opening of your bottle is too large, cover it with plastic wrap. Poke holes in the plastic and stick the cuttings through.

Now wait.

I’ll be honest with you. Not every cutting will grow into a new succulent.

Its wise to propagate a few cuttings at once. So you know you will have some survivors. Because some succulent cuttings will only grow roots and no plant at all, other cuttings might just wither away.

What you want are the leaf cuttings to grow roots and small plants starting to grow. You can gently remove the leaf when you pot your new succulent in soil.

For stem cuttings you want a healthy root system to grow before plant in soil.

TIP: Read up on when its time water your plant and all you need to know about how to water houseplants.

Can you leave your Houseplant cuttings in water?

Yes, you can just keep your water rooted plants growing in water. You call that hydroponic gardening. Your plant will be needing some added liquid nutrients to sustain them.

Other than that you should watch out for algea, if your plant is in direct sunlight.

TIP! Create your own propagation station. Multiply your houseplant collection. Make new plants for free. It’s so easy and extremely satisfying. Grab a few small bottles, snip a couple of leaves and we’re off. Propagate different plants and group all the bottles together.

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Go rummage through your cabinets to find some small glass vessels to put some plant cuttings in pronto. You know you want to.

Or hop over to Etsy or Amazon and get a propagation station. Your plant cuttings will be instagram ready!

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  1. Thanks for your article. I have successfully propagated geranium, coleus and even broken off African violet leaves. If it’s a small piece try using a shot glass.

  2. Very happy with the technique . I propagated croten leaves in small bottle and roots camecout with in a month.Thanks !

    1. Yes, Croton plants can do well with water propagation too! I once took a stem cutting of my Croton since it lost a lot of its bottom leaves, but the top was still nice. So I just water rooted the stem cutting and potted it up once it had a good new root system.

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