How to Carve Mini Pumpkins with a Drill

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Shocker: I have never carved a pumpkin before.

I have never decorated for Halloween before.

In the Netherlands we didn’t celebrate Halloween, so i didn’t grow up with the festivities. And even though i’ve now been living in New York for over seven years, i haven’t once put up a pumpkin or any scary type skeletons, ghosts or other monsters as fall decorations.

What’s happening now must be some kind of nesting syndrome.

This year i found myself grabbing a few mini pumpkins at the farmers market. I recently had a baby, and my husband and i purchased our first home.

Naturally i must nest and decorate.
Mod and Mint craft tutorial: How to carve mini Halloween Pumpkins with a drill.
Loving pumpkin soup, i do know

how to pick a good pumpkin.

It needs to look healthy, no bruises and have a sturdy stem on top. Push on the stem. If you can push it up and down in the pumpkin, leave it, it’s not fresh anymore.

When choosing a pumpkin to decorate with, it makes sense to pick one with a nice shape. I tapped the shells a little, listening, thinking if it sounded a bit hollow, the skin probably wouldn’t be very thick. But these are mini pumpkins, how thick would the skin really be?

Want to come back to it? Pin it!

Mod and Mint craft tutorial: How to carve mini Halloween Pumpkins with a drill.

How to carve mini pumpkins with a drill

You will need:
– Mini Pumpkins
Washi Tape (or painters tape) (optional)
Sharpie marker (optional)
– (Dremel) Drill and drill bits
– Sharp Knife and Spoon
– Tissues
– (LED) votive candle.

Start by placing dots in your desired pattern on a pumpkin using a Sharpie. Make sure they are not too close together, since each dot will be a spot where you will drill a hole.

Honestly, I almost stopped after this step, since i kind of liked the look of them already.
In an understated kind of way.

The washi tape comes in handy when you want to drill a straight line. Easy to stick on, easy to remove.

Next, carve the lids off with a sharp knife and scoop out the insides.

I kept the seeds to toast later, and the flesh for Little Baby O. He loves his pumpkin!

Now it’s time to get the powertools out!
Or in my case my Dremel drill.
Place the drill bit against the side of the pumpkin on your marked dot and drill through to the inside of the pumpkin.
You can use different sized drill bits for a variation of hole sizes.

Wipe the pumpkin clean with a tissue. And your work area. And your face.
Maybe i should include safety goggles in the material list.
Because be warned, there will be some pumpkin debris flying around.

Finish by placing the stem back on top to display as they are, or put in a (LED) votive candle to have them light up in all their dotted pumpkin glory!

Happy drilling!

What other fall and Halloween decorations should i try out? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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