DIY Wooden Mr. and Mrs. Claus Christmas Ornaments | Craft Tutorial

DIY wood santa ornaments tutorial

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Over the years i have collected many vintage Christmas ornaments. My favorite are for sure the small wooden Scandinavian figure ornaments. Most that i have come across were made in Denmark around the 1960s. They have such a happy and cheerful look about them, i just can’t resist their charm.

Unfortunately, these vintage holiday decorations are getting harder and harder to find. So when i recently came across a bag of blank wooden peg dolls, i knew it.

We’re making Scandinavian vintage inspired Mr. and Mrs. Claus Christmas decorations!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus DIY wood ornaments

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How to make wooden Santa Christmas ornaments

These handmade Christmas decorations are great heirlooms to use year after year and pass on down the road. They also make great little Christmas gifts. The bottom of the wood slice is perfect to write a short holiday note on!

Wood Santa Ornament Supplies

DIY tutorial wood christmas ornaments

Wood Christmas Ornaments DIY Instructions

Step 1. Sketching.

Start by lightly sketching faces and bodies on the peg dolls in pencil before going in with paint. This way you can easily adjust positioning and proportions as needed.

Step 2. Painting.

Next, paint the bodies. Let dry. I like to use my Talens acrylic Art Creation paint tubes, these come in a set of 12 or 24 and make great stocking stuffers. If you don’t want to wait until Santa comes to town, you can use any acrylic craft paint you have on hand.

Step 3. Details.

When the bodies have dried, draw on arms, belts, and mouths with an ultra-fine Sharpie marker.

Next, paint on the eyes and noses. Put a small dot of soft pink paint on the cheeks. Use your finger or a cotton swap to blend it out.

Tip! Use a nail dotting tool to paint perfect dots for the small eyes and noses.

When all is done and dried, varnish with a layer of Mod Podge sealer to add durability to your creations. Let dry completely before moving on to the next step.

DIY Tutorial How to make wood Christmas ornaments

Step 4. Dress up.

Cut triangles from red felt to make the hats. Make sure the bottom part of the triangle is wide enough to go around the head and still have a little overlap. Fold in half and hot glue the sides to form the hat. Hot glue around the inside of the hat and place it slightly slanted on the head.

Cut out a small piece of white felt for Misses Claus’ apron. Hot glue it on her belly.

For Santa’s beard, take a very small piece of a cotton ball. Flatten and pull it into a small beard shape. Carefully hot glue it on Santa’s chin.

Step 5. Getting ready.

Hot glue Mr. and Mrs. Claus together on a wood slice.  You can leave them like this if you will be displaying them around the house.

If you want to turn these into hanging ornaments for the Christmas tree, thread a piece of baker’s twine through the tip of the hats, and they are ready to hang!

Diy Wooden Christmas Ornaments

What are your most treasured Christmas decorations? Any handmade? Please share in the comments.

And don’t forget to tag me @modandmint when you make these little wooden Santas! I love seeing all the creations!

DIY Wood Mr. and Mrs. Claus Christmas Ornaments

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