DIY Halloween Googly Eye Planter Pots | with Video

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Fall is my favorite crafting season and Halloween is the most fun. It gives a free pass to get spooky and playful with your crafts.

Being the plant lady that I am, I like to incorporate plants into as much as I do as possible. That ends up being plant crafts like these DIY Halloween Googly Eye Planter Pots!

Easy DIY Halloween Googly Eye Planter Pots

I like to come up with easy crafts that are also great to do with my kid. He’s five now, and super into crafting. He has a large (huge) box of craft supplies to use how and when he wants, and the most creative things come out of what’s in that box.

All the materials for these Halloween Googly Eye Planter Pots we already had in his craft box.

Not a lot is needed to make these Halloween decorations. One, or more, terra cotta pots, some black paint, glue, and googly eyes.

It’s not only easy to do, and with few materials, it also doesn’t take a lot of time. Perfect for when you’re busy. You are done in about 15 minutes and some drying time. Plenty of time left before Halloween to make these!

Note: Obviously, when you do make these with a little one, be careful with the glue gun. You can also use any other fast-drying glue for this project.

Spooky DIY Halloween Googly Eye Planter Pots

Terra cotta pots are excellent to craft with. They are inexpensive, come in many different shapes and sizes, and glue and paint generally hold really well.

My plants like them because most clay pots come with drainage holes and are porous, so they breathe, which helps the soil to dry out faster.

Painting the pots does affect the breathability a little, but as long as you don’t apply a sealant, not overwater, and drain out excess water through the bottom, your plants will be very happy with their redecorated digs.

And if you don’t have any spooky plants, just use fill them with Halloween candy!

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DIY Halloween Googly Eye Planter Pots

DIY Halloween Googly Eye Planter Pots

Yield: 1
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: easy

These DIY googly eye Halloween planter pots are quick, inexpensive and easy to make!


  • Paint Brush


  1. Start by painting your terracotta pot with black acrylic paint. Let it dry thoroughly.
  2. Next, glue on the googly eyes. Start on the top border and let the eyes flow down. Mix the different sizes as you like.
  3. Remove your plant from its original container and repot it into your Halloween planter pot.

I’ve put some small spikey Sansevieria plants in my pots. And air plants. Too easy. Don’t even have to mess around with soil for those. Just pop them in and done.

I picked mostly plants with pointy, spikey leaves for that spooky look. But you can put any plant in them you like.

Easy DIY Halloween Googly Eye Planter Pots

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