How to Care for Indoor Plants in Summer

indoor plants

So far this summer has been a blazing one. We are all trying to keep cool in the heat. Hydrating, and staying out of the sun. In the meantime, don’t forget about your houseplants. They are hot and thirsty too. Here are all the must-know summer plant care tips Are you taking extra good care […]

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8 Must Have Houseplant Supplies and Accessories

When you start surrounding yourself with plants, you will soon realize the following truth. There are plant supplies and accessories that will make your, and your plants’ life much easier. Starting with the house plant essentials. A plant needs some sort of container to hold it. Do you know what type of pot should you […]

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When and How to water your Houseplants

Plants need water. Caring for plants means you’ll have to water your plants. But when do you water your lovely houseplant? And how much water to give? The number one reason that plants die is because of overwatering. Too much water can kill your plant. Many times I hear people say they water on a […]

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