How to Fix Stretched Succulents

Is your succulent looking different? Is it growing tall and thin, leggy, and all stretched out? If this is happening to your plant, it means your succulent suffers from etiolation. In plain English: your succulent is growing in insufficient light. Sad to say, once the damage is done, it can’t be undone. But it can […]

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7 Common Plant Myths Demystified

We all know those stories that are shared so many times, people start believing them. There are a few stubborn plant-related misconceptions going around. These can make caring for your indoor plants unnecessarily hard. Let’s talk plants, get the facts straight, and demystify those stubborn plant myths. Common Houseplant Care Misconceptions Pin it for later! […]

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How to Care for Tillandsia Air Plants

blooming pink tillandsia air plant

  Air Plants are known to be low maintenance and easy to care for. While this is true, there is the danger that one might think the plant only needs air to survive. That would be too easy. Just putting your air plant on a shelf and forgetting about it, will quickly lead to a […]

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