10 Easy Air Plant Display Ideas

10 easy air plant display ideas

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Air plants or Tillandsias keep growing in popularity. And I am not surprised.

Air plants are so stylish and very easy to take care of. They don’t need any soil, just provide them with air and a good occasional misting and weekly water baths.

Because of the no soil, air plants are easy to display almost anywhere!

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Here are ten easy air plant display ideas and quick DIY’s.

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10 easy diy air plant display ideas

Get Beach-y with your air plants.

We are lucky to live near the beach, so i had a few nice shells laying around. They make great, elegant looking holders for air plants. If you have one or more sea urchin shells, you can turn those upside down, and have hanging jellyfish!

airplants in wire monstera leaf

Black wire to display air plants

Air plants look lovely stuck in this black wire decorative Monstera leaf.

hanging air plants

Let’s go up and hang your air plants! Like here displayed in diamond shaped Himmeli wire ornaments. I had to bend the metal slightly because of how my ornaments were designed, they needed a bit more space to insert the air plants. These geometric holders are made especially to display air plants, so it is much easier to put them in.

air plants displayed in wicker basket

Air plants don’t need a lot to shine. A small table center piece is made by grouping air plants in a wicker basket. Quick and simple!

tillandsia air plant in swan planter

Displaying air plants in small figural ceramic planters are a match made in heaven.

tillandsia airplants in vintage cup

I always have my favorite vintage cup out on a kitchen shelf. Add a few air plants and it looks even better!

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Air Plant Brooch Pin

DIY Air Plant Brooch.

Turn your air plant in to a brooch pin and bring some life to your outfit! For my air plant brooch i used 0.75 inch pin backs and a piece of floral wire.

Start by gently wrapping the wire around the base of your air plant. You can hide it by wrapping it not on the outer side, but go up just above the lowest leafs. Slide it down, so you don’t see the wire anymore. Twist the wire once or twice in the back to secure.

Next, insert the wire through the holes in the pin back. Twist, bend and flatten out the wire on the pin back.

Wear with pride, but don’t forget to remove your air plant at the end of your day. A dark corner coat rack is not the ideal place for an air plant to thrive.

air plant rock terrarium

Make your own air plant terrarium.

Use a clear bowl and some small stones to create a gorgeous open living place for your air plant. A vintage miniature deer adds a touch of whimsy.

air plants on glass bottles

Fancy an air plant soda maybe?

Air plants are bubbling out of these small glass soda bottles. Just pop them on top for instant impact!

DIY hanging air plant stick holder

Make a rustic DIY air plant hanger.

Add an element of nature by hanging an air plant from a stick. Get a short clean stick, some wire, and a screw in hook. You can also choose to glue your plant onto the stick, but i prefer to keep my plants removable.

Wrap the wire carefully around the base of your air plant. Make sure there is enough length of wire left to wrap the other end around the stick a couple of times. Position the air plant how you like it to hang. Screw in the hook on top of the stick. Done! Ready to hang!

And that’s it. Ten easy ways to display your air plants beautifully around your home.

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10 easy ways ro display air plants

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  1. Thank you for the information about care for the air plants and display ideas. I appreciate your knowledge so much. A new venture for me. 😄

    1. You are very welcome, thank you for your kind words. Sharing my knowledge is just a good excuse for me to talk plants all day 🙂
      Good luck with your air plants!

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