Vintage inspired craft Tutorial: Pasta Christmas Ornaments

Since i re-posted the Vintage inspired Pasta Tree Tutorial from my old blog the other day, i was thinking i might as well share the Vintage inspired Pasta Christmas Ornaments here too. They kinda belong together i think.
Mod and Mint: Easy Craft Tutorial - Christmas bird ornaments

Looking for some small paint brushes, i came across a few small styrofoam circles in my craft supply stash. Perfect to make a variation on the vintage inspired pasta Christmas trees i made before! I forgot about my search for the brushes and started digging further to find some small figures to place in the middle of the wreaths. Vintage mini birds! And i knew i had a little bit of red and white bakers twine somewhere. That would work to get them hanging.
A little paint, glue and time later and all done, ready to go up in the Christmas tree!

To make these pasta Christmas ornaments, just follow the tutorial for the Christmas trees, only starting out with the circles as the base instead of the cones. Finish them off by gluing the bakers twine (or other string) in a loop at the back, and attach the birds (or other miniature) in the middle with some more white glue.

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Vintage inspired craft tutorial: Pasta Christmas Trees

With this vintage inspired craft it’s easy to create a handmade alternative Christmas tree for the holiday home decor. You only need a few items, and a little time.

Vintage inspired Craft Tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees by Mod and Mint

You will need the following materials:
– Styrofoam tree base cone
– White craft glue
– Various shapes and sizes of dried pasta
– (Spray) Paint in color of choice


Mod and Mint: Handmade vintage inspired craft tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees

How to make the pasta Christmas tree:
1. If you will use spray paint, skip this step and move on to step 2. If you will use craft paint applied with a brush, start by painting the cone in the color you want your tree to be. Let dry.

2. Apply glue to pasta pieces and place on cone in desired design. Push a little and hold in place for a short time until the pieces stick.
No worries if you see small bits of glue in between the pasta at this point.
Continue until cone is covered.
Let the glue dry.

Mod and Mint: Handmade vintage inspired craft tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees


3. For the trees in these pictures i used regular acrylic craft paint applied with a small brush. If brushing the paint on, make sure to get in between all the nooks and crannies, so no pasta color is showing. Double coat is advisable.
To save time, you can also choose to spray paint the trees.

Storage tip: When storing the Pasta Christmas tree, place it in a plastic bag. If a piece of pasta does happen to fall off in between Christmas seasons, you will be able to easily find it and glue it back on.

If you paint these in white, they almost look like porcelain trees. Pasta Porcelain!

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Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knits


Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knit Outfits
My mom taught me how to knit when I was a little girl. Just a few basic stitches. I could make a scarf, and i think i once made a basic dress for one of my dolls. But that is over 30 years ago. I do know how to crochet and made many crocheted items in the past number of years. When i look at these knit fashion photos from the sixties, i think i should really dust off those knitting needles and get my skill up.

The orange dress above features one long cable running down each side from neckline to hemline, front and back, for a long casual sweater look. Yes please!

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knit Outfits
Or this long coat made of mohair and tweed yarn combined. Casual loose line, decorated solely with a large ribbed collar. Elegantly matched with gray gloves and satin scarf. I say, perfect now that the weather is turning a bit colder!
And the shirt suit on the right is very Mad Men as well. A hip length jacket with a shirt collar, knit in a novelty ribbed stitch. Buttoned cuffs and slits at the sides.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s High Fashion Knit Outfits
How comfy is this gorgeous wool tweed coat with matching scarf for upcoming wintry days. Patch pockets, three-quarter sleeves and leather buttons.
Or what about a sweater dress of mohair in wonderful fall colors? Made exactly like a sweater even to the ribbed cuffs, neckline and hem and the grosgrain ribbon binding down the front.

On another note, when did we ladies stop wearing those wonderful hats?

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How to Carve Mini Pumpkins with a Drill

Shocker: I have never carved a pumpkin before.

I have never decorated for Halloween before.

In the Netherlands we didn’t celebrate Halloween, so i didn’t grow up with the festivities. And even though i’ve now been living in New York for over 7 years, i haven’t once put up a pumpkin or any scary type skeletons, ghosts or other monsters as fall decorations.
What’s happening now must be some kind of nesting syndrome. This year i found myself grabbing a few mini pumpkins at the farmers market. I recently had a baby, and my husband and i purchased our first home. Naturally i must nest and decorate.

Loving pumpkin soup, i do know how to pick a good pumpkin. It needs to look healthy, no bruises and have a sturdy stem on top. Push on the stem. If you can push it up and down in the pumpkin, leave it, it’s not fresh anymore. When choosing a pumpkin to decorate with, it makes sense to pick one with a nice shape. I tapped the shells a little, listening, thinking if it sounded a bit hollow the walls probably wouldn’t be as thick. But these are mini pumpkins, how thick would the walls really be?

Mod and Mint craft tutorial: How to carve mini Halloween Pumpkins with a drill.

I’m not the first one to come up with the idea to use a drill to decorate a pumpkin, but this is the first time that i, me personally, am actually “carving” a pumpkin. They might not be perfect, but i like them well enough to share with you how i did it.
Happy drilling!


Mod and Mint craft tutorial: How to carve mini Halloween Pumpkins with a drill.
How to carve mini pumpkins with a drill
You will need:
– Mini Pumpkins
– Washi Tape (or painters tape) (optional)
– Sharpie marker (optional)
– (Dremel) Drill and drill bits
– Sharp Knife and Spoon
– Tissues
– (LED) votive candle.

I started by marking dots on a pumpkin using a Sharpie. Almost stopped after this step, since i kinda liked the look of them already. In an understated kind of way.
But no, i was planning on doing some pumpkin carving, so i would carve. Or better said drill.
You could skip this step and freestyle your way through the drilling part.
Washi tape comes in handy when dots need to placed along a straight line. Easy to stick on, easy to remove.

Next, carve the lids off with a sharp knife and scoop out the insides. I kept the seeds to toast, and the flesh for Baby O. He loves his pumpkin!

Now get the powertools out! Or in my case my Dremel drill. Place the drill bit against the side of the pumpkin over your marked dot and drill through to the inside of the pumpkin.
Use different sized drill bits for a variation of hole sizes.

Wipe the pumpkin clean with a tissue. And your work area. And your face.
Yes, be warned, there will be some pumpkin debris flying around.

Put the stem lids back on to display as they are, or put in a (LED) votive candle to have them light up in all their dotted pumpkin glory!


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