Vintage Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Thanksgiving is almost around the corner. Time to start thinking what to do with the Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.

Smaller and smaller turkeys are available in the markets, but appetites seem as big as ever. Sometimes the whole turkey is eaten for Thanksgiving dinner; but if your family is lucky enough to have some left over, this is a delicious way to use it – maybe for Friday-night supper.

Mod and Mint Vintage Recipe: Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Tetrazzini Casserole
This Turkey Tetrazzini casserole recipe comes from a 1966 Jack and Jill childrens magazine.
It mentions that Luisa Tetrazzini was one of the world’s greatest opera singers. The story is told that a famous chef admired her singing so much that he created Chicken Tetrazzini in her honor.

Since this is a recipe to use up those Thanksgiving meal leftovers, turkey is used instead of chicken.


2 tablespoons butter or margarine
3 tablespoons chopped onions
1/3 cup sliced mushrooms
1 1/2 cup diced turkey
1 1/2 cup turkey gravy
2 cups cooked thin spaghetti
1 cup shredded cheese

Melt butter in saucepan, and cook onions and mushrooms over low heat until tender.
Add turkey, spaghetti, and gravy. (If gravy seems thick, thin it with a little milk.)
Heat mixture till it bubbles, stirring frequently.
Turn into a baking dish and top with the cheese.
Place under broiler until cheese is melted.

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Baby almost 1, My 10 Best Essential Baby Products List


Mod and Mint: 10 Best Essential Baby Products List
I can hardly believe it, my baby boy is almost turning one. Just one more month to go.
Every mother knows, the first year of your first baby is one amazing roller coaster ride.
I have learned so much. Before he arrived i was already reading up and asking around which things i would need. I knew i would need a lot of diapers, but what else? I was such a rookie.

I asked every mother i spoke with the same question, what item was the best, and what things just didn’t got used at all. This way i learned to bypass the diaper genie and wipe warmers. And i learned about activity gyms and boppy pillows.
I also went through many online lists of best baby products. I frequented the Hellobee blog making notes on all the newborn essentials for baby’s first year. I was so organized and prepared, i had my checklist ready! Still i had a few items that i missed at first and a few that i didn’t really need in hindsight. Or not as much (everyone mentioned to have plenty of receiving blankets, although true, we used them a lot in the beginning, i went a little overboard and got way too many).
To return the favor, i’m putting my list out in the universe. Maybe it will be usefull for another rookie mom to be.

Mod and Mint: Baby's first year top 10 essentials list
1. Swaddle blankets. My husband practiced swaddling our baby almost continuously when i was still in hospital, asking every nurse that came in the room to show him how to swaddle with a regular swaddle blanket. I think he was a master at it, but he wasn’t too sure. Is it tight enough? Is it not too tight? Once home, we quickly moved to the special swaddler blankets, i think we tried most of them. We started with the Summer Infant and SwaddleMe swaddlers, moving on the Halo Sleepsack Swaddler when baby was ready for a little more leg freedom. At one point he did his Houdini and managed to get out of all of them. I bought a Woombie, which i think was the best of all, but we didn’t use it for long, since at that time baby was about ready to sleep without.
He is now sleeping in his regular Halo Sleepsacks at night which i am a big fan of.

2. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. You need diaper rash cream, but where to start. Yes, the name made me giggle. It also had a lot of great reviews. So we used Butt Paste. Look out for coupons and use them when the paste is already on sale if you are on a budget. Baby’s cost a lot of money, save those pennies wherever you can!

3. Every mother i spoke to in person told me to get a boppy pillow. Online i read reviews from mothers who swore by it, and some who barely used it. I got one and loved it. Used it for nursing, and later for tummy time and to prop baby up when he was learning to sit.

4. Not so much for the early days, but a favorite buy in the second half of the first year was definitely the Evenflo convertible high chair. I’m a big fan of items that are multi-purpose and/or last a long time (relative in case of a newborn). This high chair easily transitions to a toddler chair and table.

5. Zip up sleep & play one pieces. No messing around with snap buttons that don’t align when it’s the middle of the night and you are totally sleep deprived. Zip and done.

6. After baby’s first night home with us, i sent hubby to the ToysRUs first thing in the morning for an emergency pick up of a Graco Pack ‘n Play. Night one, baby in his crib in his room, one cry, mommy and daddy running, bumping into each other on the way to the nursery! We needed to have baby close to us. At least for that first period. Life saver. We had baby sleep in the pack ‘n play next to our bed and transitioned him to his regular crib later. Currently the play yard is in the living room and baby can play in it during the day. We don’t have any gates in the house, so this is perfect if we need to do something and can’t keep a close eye out on him. We are lucky baby can entertain himself very well, so he doesn’t mind playing by himself sometimes.

7. At the time baby was born we were living in an apartment with stairs, no elevator. Getting out of the door with a baby is time consuming even without having to haul a stroller down the stairs. So i loved my baby carrier. I researched and went for affordability and positive reviews. I used the Infantino carrier. Not the rolls royce under the carriers, but it worked well for short walks around the neighborhood. I used it a lot until he got a little heavy for me (it carries up to 25lbs so he could still be in it technically, but my back won’t be happy), and we moved to a new home in a building with elevators. Hello easy stroller rides!

8. Before the baby arrived i wasn’t even sure if we would need a monitor at all. Maybe a sound monitor? Our home doesn’t have multiple floors, so we would hear the baby when he would be crying right? But then a very dear friend told me, girl, splurge on this, you will not regret it, get a video monitor. Till this day i’m happy we took her advice. It is so nice to be able to look at the baby without having to tippy toe into the nursery. We got the Jena monitor by Levana. I really like the ease of use, sound quality and the screen visibility. They could have done away with the music, a few times we turned on the music by accident while the baby was sleeping and uhoh.. how do you turn it off again?

9. For a rocker i went with the Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker. To be honest, mostly because i liked the print on it. We used it a lot in the beginning. Baby liked taking his naps in it sometimes. He really didn’t care for the vibration mode, but as a regular rocker chair it worked perfect. Currently it’s just standing pretty in the corner of his nursery, i think he will use it again when he’s a little older, in the converted chair mode.

10. If you bottle feed or breast feed and pump, you will be using a lot of bottles. And they need to be cleaned. I started out with el cheapo dollar store bottle cleaners. I thought this was an item easy to go cheap on. But in no time the brush part broke off. I went one step up, a disney brand bottle cleaner, lasted a little longer, but this one too couldn’t handle actual cleaning of the bottles too much. Again the brush part broke off. Thinking about having to buy a new one every couple of weeks, i had to move on and spend a few extra bucks. Still not one of the most expensive items on the baby essentials list, and not the most exciting, but definitely one that is being used daily. We now have the Munchkin bottle cleaner. Months and months of usage, still going strong. Bypass the others and go straight to Munchkin.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this post. All these are my personal views.

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Vintage inspired craft Tutorial: Pasta Christmas Ornaments

Since i re-posted the Vintage inspired Pasta Tree Tutorial from my old blog the other day, i was thinking i might as well share the Vintage inspired Pasta Christmas Ornaments here too. They kinda belong together i think.
Mod and Mint: Easy Craft Tutorial - Christmas bird ornaments

Looking for some small paint brushes, i came across a few small styrofoam circles in my craft supply stash. Perfect to make a variation on the vintage inspired pasta Christmas trees i made before! I forgot about my search for the brushes and started digging further to find some small figures to place in the middle of the wreaths. Vintage mini birds! And i knew i had a little bit of red and white bakers twine somewhere. That would work to get them hanging.
A little paint, glue and time later and all done, ready to go up in the Christmas tree!

To make these pasta Christmas ornaments, just follow the tutorial for the Christmas trees, only starting out with the circles as the base instead of the cones. Finish them off by gluing the bakers twine (or other string) in a loop at the back, and attach the birds (or other miniature) in the middle with some more white glue.

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Vintage inspired craft tutorial: Pasta Christmas Trees

With this vintage inspired craft it’s easy to create a handmade alternative Christmas tree for the holiday home decor. You only need a few items, and a little time.

Vintage inspired Craft Tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees by Mod and Mint

You will need the following materials:
– Styrofoam tree base cone
– White craft glue
– Various shapes and sizes of dried pasta
– (Spray) Paint in color of choice


Mod and Mint: Handmade vintage inspired craft tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees

How to make the pasta Christmas tree:
1. If you will use spray paint, skip this step and move on to step 2. If you will use craft paint applied with a brush, start by painting the cone in the color you want your tree to be. Let dry.

2. Apply glue to pasta pieces and place on cone in desired design. Push a little and hold in place for a short time until the pieces stick.
No worries if you see small bits of glue in between the pasta at this point.
Continue until cone is covered.
Let the glue dry.

Mod and Mint: Handmade vintage inspired craft tutorial - Pasta Christmas Trees


3. For the trees in these pictures i used regular acrylic craft paint applied with a small brush. If brushing the paint on, make sure to get in between all the nooks and crannies, so no pasta color is showing. Double coat is advisable.
To save time, you can also choose to spray paint the trees.

Storage tip: When storing the Pasta Christmas tree, place it in a plastic bag. If a piece of pasta does happen to fall off in between Christmas seasons, you will be able to easily find it and glue it back on.

If you paint these in white, they almost look like porcelain trees. Pasta Porcelain!

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A Paper Zoo – Vintage 60s Animal Poetry Book


Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s Childrens book illustration - A Paper Zoo Giraffe
Occasionally i sell vintage treasures in my shop that i regret a little. Or that i did list for sale, but was secretly hoping nobody would buy, so i could’ve kept it. Sometimes i have something and i think it’s just time for it to move on to a new loving home. I can’t keep all the goodies to myself.
All of the above is true for this vintage book from the 1960s, A Paper Zoo – A Collection of Animal Poems by Modern American Poets.
I sold this book almost a month ago, and i truly hope the new owner loves it as much as i did. As i still do.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s Childrens book Lion illustration - A Paper Zoo
Before i shipped it, i scanned a few of my favorite pages. These type of illustrations is why i love to make illustrations myself (yes i do illustrations, no i haven’t found the time to do so in a long long time).
I love that it is a poetry book for children, but that the poems aren’t specifically written for children. The poems were selected by Renee Karol Weiss and the amazing amazing (intentionally double amazing) illustrations were done by Ellen Raskin.

In the book’s afterword Renee Karol Weiss explains that she found that young children will respond to the very best in art. As a kindergarten teacher she mixed Bach and Beethoven, and Roualt and Picasso in with more typical classic childrens music and images. She did the same with American Poets, mixing them in with childrens nursery rhymes.
The poems in A Paper Zoo were selected with the belief that the young child could enjoy them and continue to grow with them.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s Childrens book Horse illustration - A Paper Zoo
Being a new mother i like this way of thinking and i will definitely continue to try to expose my little boy to art both specifically aimed at kids, and ‘grown up’ art as well. For now i’ll save these images with the poems for him to enjoy. He has a couple of vintage lions on the walls of his nursery, so i think the page with the lion poem will be perfect to print and frame! Ellen Raskins art just screams out to be admired. Marvelous mod orange and green drawings, great to view from a little distance and so much detail to discover close up.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s Childrens book Mouse illustration - A Paper Zoo

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