A Paper Zoo – Vintage 60s Animal Poetry Book


Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s Childrens book illustration - A Paper Zoo Giraffe
Occasionally i sell vintage treasures in my shop that i regret a little. Or that i did list for sale, but was secretly hoping nobody would buy, so i could’ve kept it. Sometimes i have something and i think it’s just time for it to move on to a new loving home. I can’t keep all the goodies to myself.
All of the above is true for this vintage book from the 1960s, A Paper Zoo – A Collection of Animal Poems by Modern American Poets.
I sold this book almost a month ago, and i truly hope the new owner loves it as much as i did. As i still do.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s Childrens book Lion illustration - A Paper Zoo
Before i shipped it, i scanned a few of my favorite pages. These type of illustrations is why i love to make illustrations myself (yes i do illustrations, no i haven’t found the time to do so in a long long time).
I love that it is a poetry book for children, but that the poems aren’t specifically written for children. The poems were selected by Renee Karol Weiss and the amazing amazing (intentionally double amazing) illustrations were done by Ellen Raskin.

In the book’s afterword Renee Karol Weiss explains that she found that young children will respond to the very best in art. As a kindergarten teacher she mixed Bach and Beethoven, and Roualt and Picasso in with more typical classic childrens music and images. She did the same with American Poets, mixing them in with childrens nursery rhymes.
The poems in A Paper Zoo were selected with the belief that the young child could enjoy them and continue to grow with them.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s Childrens book Horse illustration - A Paper Zoo
Being a new mother i like this way of thinking and i will definitely continue to try to expose my little boy to art both specifically aimed at kids, and ‘grown up’ art as well. For now i’ll save these images with the poems for him to enjoy. He has a couple of vintage lions on the walls of his nursery, so i think the page with the lion poem will be perfect to print and frame! Ellen Raskins art just screams out to be admired. Marvelous mod orange and green drawings, great to view from a little distance and so much detail to discover close up.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1960s Childrens book Mouse illustration - A Paper Zoo

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10 Tips from the 1960’s for new Mothers


Mod and Mint: 10 Tips from the 1960s for new Mothers
Being a new mom there is so much to learn. Some times i have the feeling i’m just one step ahead of my baby studying up on what i can expect next and what to do now. Once you figured something out, baby is already moving on to a new phase.
This little promotional vintage book from the 1960’s is chock-full of tips for new mothers.
Published by Hedstrom, makers of baby and childrens products. Besides the Priceless Pointers, it also has a number of pages showing their line of cribs, strollers, and nursery furniture.

Full disclosure, the cover of this vintage book had the number 202 above the title. “202 Priceless Pointers for new Mothers”. I edited out the number. Why? Well, if someone happens to pin the image onto Pinterest (feel free to do so), it would be a little misleading. New mothers would click thinking they would come to find 202 tips and then, not so much.

Mod and Mint: 10 Tips from the 1960s for new Mothers
I have picked out a few of the new mother tips, some of which i think might come in handy in the future, and some that just made me giggle.

10 Tips for new Mothers
1. If your toddler screams about being taken from the tub after his bath, simply pull the plug and let him continue to splash until the water is gone. When he sees the fun is over, he’ll leave willingly to be dried.
– My baby loves bath time and would stay in as long as we let him. But so far he also doesn’t mind it when we take him out. He knows he will go into his warm room to get a baby massage rub down and into his warm pj’s followed by some reading and cuddle time.
Maybe in the future i will need a tip like this. Mental note. Don’t forget bath tub plug tip.

2. Next time after you polish your baby’s shoes, spray them with hair spray to prevent the polish from coming off on everything.
– Uh? Was i supposed to polish my baby’s shoes? I don’t think his cute crib shoes will take to polish too well. 2014. No more polishing baby shoes.

3. To pep up soft drinks at a child’s party, place a marshmallow in each section of your ice tray, add water and freeze.
– This could be an instant hit on pinterest. Or am i late to the party and is it all over there already? I’ll check. Maybe this summer i will have a marshmallow ice cube post on the blog.

Mod and Mint: 10 Tips from the 1960s for new Mothers
4. When a child is past the baby bath stage, but too small for the tub, a plastic clothes basket, the kind with holes in it, can be used to bathe the baby! Run several inches of water into the tub, place the basket in it and sit your baby in the basket. He’ll love the water swishing through the basket and there’s no change of the child falling on the slippery tub or being frightened by too much water.
– My baby started out in an upright WashPod (think fancy bucket). He loved being in it, supposedly it feels somewhat similar as to being in the womb. Unfortunately he outgrew it pretty quick, big boy baby. So now he is in the big tub with me or daddy, or splashing in his inflatable whale tub. Which he will outgrow soon as well. So maybe i should get an extra large clothes basket. With holes in it. Because he might be frightened by too much water. I had never thought about that possibility. Will baby be afraid of too much water? Back to tip 1, pull the plug.

5. When teaching a baby to drink from a cup, wash a baby food jar, put the top on and punch a small hole near the edge. The little jars are easy for baby to hold, the top stops spills and it’s only a skip to a regular glass after this.
– Ooh another possible pinterest hit! How to make your own sippy cup tutorial! I just don’t have any baby food jars. Proud ‘i-make-and-freeze-my-own-baby-food’ mother here.

6. Children love talking on the telephone to grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins. To help them visualize the person to whom they’re speaking, keep a small snapshot photo album near the phone for these “pretend visits”.
– That’s so 1960s… FaceTime. ‘Nuff said.

Mod and Mint: 10 Tips from the 1960s for new Mothers
7. For those assorted bugs and insects that all children want to keep for a while… any jar can be topped with a piece of nylon stocking held in place by a rubber band.
– Hold up, wait, what? My baby boy will want to keep bugs and insects? I can’t even start thinking ’bout this.

8. To avoid a mess at feeding, stand your toddler in his playpen. Since he must hold onto the sides, he’ll not be putting his hands in his mouth or hitting the spoon.
– I like this. Baby started standing up not too long ago. Now he wants to stand all the time. He also likes to eat all the time. Eating while standing? That must be his favorite thing to do. No mess feedings? Mommy’s favorite thing.

On that note, 9. When your baby reaches the age where he wants to feed himself, let him practice with dry cereal and a spoon, you can let him go at it alone on everything. This method will save a lot of messes.
– Sounds like a good tip. Baby is feeding himself, for now just finger foods. But he is starting to grab the spoon and hitting his bowl with it. Now only to find out when and which dry cereal baby can eat. I don’t think dry rice or oatmeal baby cereal will make for a yummy meal.

10. When your boy or girl brings home each final report card at the close of the year, take a snap shot picture of the child and attach to the card. Years later you can see how they looked during each grade and you’ll have a permanent record of your child’s school days.
– So far ahead still. Nonetheless this is a very cute idea. I’m thinking, take a picture each year of the child holding his report card. With a big smile for all the good grades. My baby is smart. Obviously. My baby. My little hero.

So there. 10 Tips for new mothers. I’ve just read through all 202 of the tips in the book. I feel like an expert. For now. Until baby wakes up from his nap and throws me a curve ball. Tip 203 anyone?

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