A new start

I’m here. I was so here already. I just needed to push myself and jump.
This week, exactly 9 years ago, i published my first blog post over at ismoyo.com. It was a start of almost a decade full of amazing adventures. I became part of a blogging community in a time before facebook, instagram and pinterest. I made connections with many like-minded people and got a few great creative opportunities along the way (hello book deal!).

Now i’m here. I felt like being here for a while already. I just needed to make myself move a little further.
In the last decade my life has changed. I have changed. I got married. I moved from continent to continent. I became a mother. I am me but in a different way.

I love my old business name and am grateful to all it brought me. But i need to complete the change.
Mod and Mint. That’s where i am now. It feels fresh and right.

If i know you from my ismoyo days, thanks for joining me in this new adventure.
If you just found me here, hello and welcome, glad you meet you.

Mod and Mint - Rebranding Etsy Blog Shop

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