October 22, 2014

House of DVF an Interview with Diane Von Furstenberg

Coming November, E! network will air a new reality show with iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg. House of DVF.
The series will follow the designer as she searches for the first-ever DVF Global Brand Ambassador.
I'm a big fan of Von Furstenberg, so i'll be watching. Plus i have an interview with her.
Oh yeah, i wish!
I should clarify.
I have an interview with her in one of my vintage teen magazines from the 1970's.
From Princess to Designer - Diane Von Furstenberg.

Mod and Mint: Vintage 1970s Interview Diane Von Furstenberg

Here is an excerpt from the interview.

"Diane Von Furstenberg is a business phenomenon. In 1970, when pants were THE fashion, she began a company with one basic item - a print wrap dress. ... Today (ed. this was in 1977), she presides over an empire that manufactures dresses, cosmetics, a fragrance - "Tatiana," and fine jewelry. She also licenses 12 other companies to manufacture her designs in costume jewelry, fabrics, furs, handbags and leather goods, lingerie, patterns, raincoats, scarves, shoes, sunglasses and eyewear, tops, umbrellas and rainhats!"

"Question: After you made the decision to go into business, how did you go about it?
DVF: I had an idea and i worked very hard to promote it. People told me it was impossible. But i had this idea in my head and I wanted to prove it could be done. When i first started, I did everything. Designing dresses and fabrics, invoicing, typing, packing shipments, carrying suitcases of things to the factory in Italy, supervising operations there, bookkeeping, working out all the details. The business started in a small, modest way. .."

"Q: You are the only designer who is also the fashion image of her company, advertisements frequently use you as the model. How did that happen?
DVF: I didn't plan that. Although I wear my own clothes, I design them with other women in mind, too. But I always have my own tastes in mind when I design anything."

"Q: Since you predicted the trend from pants back to dresses, do you have any other predictions? What's in the future for fashion?
DVF: Today, women are more intelligent, more aware of themselves. They want clothes that show who they are - show their minds and bodies. I think it's important that whatever you wear should be an accessory to yourself - YOU are important."

"Q: With so many things demanding your attention and time, how do you stay organized?
DVF: Everything in my life is planned. Sometimes I take a few hours or a whole day to relax and do what I want. But I usually spend that time planning ahead!"

"Q: What would you tell teens who want a career in fashion?
DVF: To be prepared to work - even fight - for an idea. There were several people who were amused when I proposed a simple, easy-to-wear yet flattering wrap dress in an exciting and original print right in the middle of the Jeans Era. I was also warned that American women would not buy a fabric which had to be dry cleaned or hand washed. I'm not being smug - I merely want to point out that even the fashion experts sometimes make mistakes ab out what women want to wear. Don't go against yourself. Don't fight what you are or try to look like someone else."

In current times, House of DVF premiers November 2 on E!

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